Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maine Carp Fishing, May Special Call 207-671-4330

Tim Rajaff with a nice Carp!!! Tim's Airflows Ridge floating fly lines,are standard for many carp anglers and the ***New Clear Ridge lines are going to set a new stanard***

Fishing for Maine Carp!!
I started Carp Fishing in Maine with a fly rod Back in 2002, a buddy and I where striper fishing the sand flats and beaches, as the tide started to turn and sun got high and bright we started a long walk back up beach, the conversation turned to fishing warm days in the bright sun, I started talking about the carp I had fished for on the sand flats near Traverse City Michigan in the late 80's and early 90's, His response was do want to "TRY" to catch some carp? well hell yes!! we started working these fish until we figured it out. It took some time, these carp are in a tidal ravine and acted total different to the ones I had fished for in MI but had some similiar behaver to ones we fished for on the columbia river
while I was guiding out of Hood River Oregon. The lower Columbia had a tidal effect on the fish and when and how long they would stay on the mud and sand flats but nothing like we see here on Merrymeeting Bay It's now somthing I look forward to as much as any other angling I do!!! When I started targeting them from my stand up paddle surfboard, I came to the conclusion that my 17 ft flats boat works well but just a bit big for some of the ultra skinny water I found the fish in!!! So for 2011 I have the perfect angling platform for skinny water carp.
Powered by a 40 horsepower 4 stroke this little skiff will run at about 35 mph in 5 inches of water!! But the real performance comes in how well it poles, and fishing for the carp in Merrymeeting Bay often becomes a quit chase and having a lite skiff that poles well and has no hull slap is key.
This little skiff has also been a game changer fishing the sand flats south of Portland, where I can now pole straight into the big currents ripping over the sand that the center counsels with there fish spooking trolling motors have trouble doing..


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