Monday, May 17, 2010

Maine Carp Fishing

Water temp have them moving now!!!Give a call to check some really cool flats fishing

Some Tricks to getting the eat.....

I have been getting emails from anglers who have been having a hard time, with carp on the fly, remember these are not easy fish!! and many anglers have to learn a ton about flats fishing quickly to have success with carp, the carp we are fishing for differ becouse they are in a tidal ravine and act to the tide like a Redfish, Permit or Bonefish, here are a few things to think about without getting into skiff angles or fly patterns...... You must see the fish to be successful!!! The take is very quick and soft so you will not feel it until its too late. Watch for the fish to tail and strip set the hook. Cast 3-4 feet in front of crusing fish, make sure your fly is on the bottom and visable to you before they get to it. Short jerky strips are effective to help them to see the fly. Rembember carp hunt mostly by scent so it can be very difficult for them to find your fly if it is sitting still. Be ready to let the fish run, most fish are lost on the first burst after the hook set. It is tough to get a good strip set and let go fast enough to not break them off. If you can hold on beyond the first run, landing a carp is almost guaranteed.

Most days this is the first fly out of my box." This is Hogan's general carp attractor. Heavily weighted and designed to ride hook point cantilevered up tailing, rooting, or cruising carp have a hard time resisting this fly.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maine Carp Fly Fishing

Here it is, our new skinny water skiff at CFA, adding to our 17 Action Craft with a 115, the IPB is half the weight allowing us to pole earlier with the tide and stay longer,Power will be a 40 4 stroke Suzuki tiler, Can't wait for it to get here! and go chase some tailing carp.