Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maine Carp Fishing

Without giving up to much info on this fishery, Maine carp fishing is not for everyone and many striper angler struggle with it, and many trout anglers I guide miss the eat, it's a redfish, bonefish angler who gets it and I'm not talking about those easy 5lb Bahamas feel good bones either, Very very good casting and someone poling you into the right angles are key. Flies are dictated by the water depth, bottom and food on the flats, long leader and the right fly line are a must, then there's the right tide and weather, There are only a very few poling the carp flats here in Maine, and very few have the boats to do it right. Give Me a call if your looking to give it a try, Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330

Local Carp

Carp are a well-established species in Merrymeeting Bay and the Kennebec main stream They exist in large schools and may be the most abundant large fish species in the river. Often they can be seen in the shallows of the extensive rice flats of the bay as they feed and spawn during spring, summer and fall months. Despite five to seven feet of tidal fluctuations, Merrymeeting Bay and the many large coves of the main river seem to be ideal carp habitat. Merrymeeting Bay carp routinely reach weights of 10 pounds and get as heavy as 15 pounds.